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  November 2013, by Lyne Ste-Marie

Camil, I call him "my color repair"!

  Summer 2009, by Montreal Fashion

After 25 years in the biz, itís no wonder they call Camil the King of Colour.

  Summer 2002, by Montreal Fashion

Camil is a legend, constantly working his magic on a new client. Try his private label deep-moisture hair treatment that can be ordered on the internet.

  August 1998, by Genevieve St-Germain

Camil's rules for an exquisite blond

First, a beautiful polished blond is created in the salon. Coloring is performed by an experienced colorist, a specialist in pigment mixtures and application timing. A few minutes more or less can be crucial.

Once you have decided on a shade of blond, you will have made an investment that will have to be maintained with regular visits to the hair salon.

Camil loves beige blond. For a chic look, he prefers very pale "café au lait" streaks rather than pure white.

  Wednesday, May 6, 1998, by Viviane Roy

Camil, the king of hair coloring in Montréal.

  April 1998, by Genevieve St-Germain


Camil has 20 years' experience. His ultimate priority is healthy hair. "Color will never be beautiful on previously damaged hair. And dyed hair that is healthy does not need a dozen products to make it shine."

Camil's trademark: the master colorist never overpowers hair's nature to produce a particular color, even if the client begs him to. Instead, he prefers to persuade her to take it gradually, step by step. Another of his specialties: repairing hair damaged by harsh or inappropriate treatment.

A personal thing: inventiveness. You have to see Camil mixing the contents of his vials to believe it. "That doesn't mean brun or pink! I mix opposing colors, ash and gold for example. I don't use excessively strong strippers initially, so I can modulate shading while the color is being applied"

  February 1998, by Michele Marchand

Camil Ouellet, named best hair colorist in Canada in 1991 - "the brain" behind Camil's Coloriste, has only one secret, hard work. He describes himself as a visual person. He learned his trade watching hairdressers at work, among them, his mother.

Camil has developed his own line of hair products, which have become very popular due to their composition that combines natural bases and essential oils.

A clairvoyant told him one day that he would not always be a colorist. So what might he be? Perhaps a diplomat or psychologist, who knows? Nothing is beyond reach when you have learned the color of success.

  October 1996, by Genevieve St-Germain

The beautiful rich colors he concocts and his genuine attention to keeping hair healthy are the guarantee that ace colorist Camil can be trusted with your crowning glory.

  Wednesday, October 30, 1996, by Lucie Lavigne

His name is Camil and he is also known as "Dr. Coloring". With the help of chemists he prepares his own, very special, hair care products. He also has a salon on St-Denis Street in Montréal. And above all, he knows how to recuperate ravaged hair.

  March 1992, by Caroline Parent

Camil Ouellet is a hair coloring genius! He was proclaimed Canadian colorist of the year at the "Hair 91" competition held in Toronto last November.

  December 1988, by Monelle Saindon


"Color must not be abused"

"Hair color should never be changed more than once a season."

"Color is built up gradually."

Camil knows what he is talking about. As a member of a New York-based colorists' group, he worked with the greatest stylists in the city before opening his own salon.

"And don't talk to me about this completely crazy idea that women are strictly 'winters' or 'summers' and cannot wear colors other than those associated with these seasons."

I am passionate about everything that has to do with color", he says. Virtually raised in his mother Camelia's hair salon, he adopted his professional name from hers and navigates through the hairdressing world with obvious delight.

"Beautiful hair has always fascinated me, and I have spent my whole life thinking about how to make it shinier, softer, more attractive" he says.

Camil has created his own line of hair products. It all started when he was looking for a moisturizer that would not make hair greasy, he recounts. "I couldn't find anything satisfactory, so with the help of a chemist, I created "Emulsion Vital"." This moisturizing balm does not make the hair heavy, but does make it astonishingly shiny. Camil's product line also includes two shampoos, two styling gels, a hair mask and a non-aerosol spray. All of Camil's products are made from natural ingredients and harmonize perfectly with chemically treated hair.

Acclaimed best hair colorist in Canada in 1991, Camil is a master in the art of hair coloring. His maxim: natural color and hair in perfect health.
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